Spring 2011 Schedule



I will be teaching six classes for the Torrance Adult School this spring. The classes will be taught at the Griffith Adult Center as usual. We are using Photoshop Elements 7.0. For those of you who are using other versions, you should find it easy make any adjustments using the handouts, and you should be able easily convert the keystrokes and techniques we use in class at home.


The exciting news for me is that I will be teaching a basic Photoshop CS5 course this spring. And of course, I will be teaching it from a digital photographer’s perspective. See the details about this course below.


You should receive your catalog in the mail and also be able to register online soon. The spring term starts March 22, 2011. Spring break begins Monday April 4th.


Handouts will be available online as usual from password protected pages attached to my blog. You will be given the password and any handouts needed for the first day of class at the first session.


As usual, there are two sections of the camera class this spring, and they each run for five weeks. These classes are for both those just starting out and/or using a relative simple digital camera that does not allow for manually selecting the shutter speed and lens aperture. These classes are also for those students using a digital SLR or a more sophisticated compact digital camera, which does allow one to manually set the shutter speed and the lens aperture. BUT, the student need not be advanced. In-class shooting assignments will vary with the camera type being used as necessary.


The following are the basic descriptions for digital photography classes I will be teaching in the spring. The titles shown below in red reflect my preference. The AKA title is what you will probably see in the catalog or online.


Photoshop CS5 for Digital Photographers

Photoshop is pretty much the industry standard not only for professional photographers, but also graphics artists, and CS5 is Adobe’s latest version.

This is a basic course, so it will be ideal for someone who desires or needs to become familiar with the basics of this extremely powerful program.

If you are already familiar with photo editing using Photoshop Elements and are possibly considering moving beyond what Elements can provide, you will benefit from this introductory look at Photoshop CS5. A lot of what you’ve seen in Elements will look familiar. But, you will get a good idea why there is a $600 price difference between the two programs.

A file manager called Bridge is also part of Photoshop CS5. We will use this program in class to easily locate the images we will work on within Photoshop CS5. Bridge plays a similar role as the Organizer in Elements.

Thursdays, 5:30 – 7:30 pm, beginning March 24, 2011

Organizing and Protecting Your Digital Photos
(aka Digital Photography and Organizing)

 This is the course to start with if you are new to digital photography, thinking about it, or just want to find out more about it. It is also the one course that will help you keep track of and protect all of those digital images you have been collecting on your computer. You will learn how to use the Organizer of Photoshop Elements beginning with importing images to your PC, managing them, and then protecting them. We also cover simple photo enhancements in this class, as well as emailing your photos and making a slide show.


This course builds an excellent foundation for the photo editing courses offered. The class will also introduce you to creative ways to share your photos with others.


Tuesdays, 12:30-2:30 pm, beginning March 22, 2011


Digital Camera

This class is for students using a compact digital camera as well as those with more sophisticated model or digital SLR camera. In-class assignments and instructions will be structured to accommodate both types of cameras.


Do you find the manual that came with your new digital camera confusing?  Or maybe some of the pictures you have taken using its programmed or automatic mode did not turn out like you had hoped. Are you struggling a bit to understand or set all of those options you are presented with, let alone knowing how and when to use them? If so, then this may just be the class to help you get more from your digital camera. This is a hands-on course – your hands on your camera. Class size is purposely being kept small to maximize the benefit to you.


Thursdays, 12:30-3:00 pm, beginning March 24, 2011   (5 Meetings)

Thursdays, 12:30-3:00 pm, beginning May 5, 2011  (5 Meetings)


Please note, there is an information sheet that describes what you should bring with you to the first class, and a couple of things you need to do prior to the first class meeting. Click here to see these instructions.


Basic Digital Photo Editing

(aka Digital Photography and Editing)


This class deals with improving and enhancing your photo images once you have transferred them to your computer. The course basically deals with the Edit Mode of Photoshop Elements 7. Using layers and the various selection tools are just two of the topics thoroughly covered. Specific exercises also address converting photo images into works of art. This course will also address the Guided Edit task pane that was new in Photoshop Elements 7. Although not specifically covered in class exercises, scanning, obtaining quality prints, and related digital photography topics are discussed and/or demonstrated as appropriate.


Wednesdays, 12:30-2:20 pm, beginning March 23, 2011   


Advanced Digital Photo Editing Workshop


During this course, more advanced built-in imaging editing and special effects capabilities using the Edit Mode of Photoshop Elements will be explored. New tools in later versions of Photoshop Elements will be explored. Free or low-cost third party plug-in programs are available that give Photoshop Elements capabilities well beyond those that come with the boxed program. The course will cover the installation and use of some selected plug-ins.  Examples include the use of curves, channels, grain/noise reduction, and other advanced editing and special effects tools..


Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30 pm, beginning March 23, 2011


Sharing Your Photos and Videos on DVDs/Online

(aka Projects in Digital Photography)


Share your digital images and video clips with family and friends. Starting with a slide show made using Photoshop Elements (which is really a movie) you will learn basic video editing techniques using Microsoft Movie Maker.  We will cover how to copy music from audio CDs to use as background music for your presentation, as well as adding your audio narration. Additionally, you will turn your multimedia presentation into a TV-viewable DVD, and then properly format it for uploading to online photo/video sharing services, such as YouTube and Photoshop.com. Throughout the course, you will be using your own pictures, video clips, and music files.


This class will use new PCs with Windows 7 equipped with DVD burners.


This course can viewed as a basic introduction to digital video editing, as well as digital photography in general.


Not Offered this spring


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