Who Are These Classmates?



In the group picture below (courtesy of diAnne Gregorious (Tallman)) are some of our classmates prior to becoming Olympians. It is Mrs. Tillson’s fifth grade class at Mark Twain School. Do you recognize some of your classmates? Are you in the picture? Let’s see who can name the most. Email your entries to Don Stouder donstouder@ca.rr.com. We will fill in the grid of names as they are identified. Don - I got you going. That is obviously Greg Hokuf in the top row.


Once we get this photo pretty complete, we’ll post another one, which may prove to be a bit more challenging. Let’s hear from you!


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Christine Glenn

Sam Galatioto

Sherry Schueter

Jim Crawford

Caroline Haggberg

Greg Hokuf

Ginny Miller

Steve Smith

Diane Pearson

Bob Blair

Georgina Dengler

Lee Gooding

Sandy Richards

Ted Leverette or George Lacey

Lorinda White

Mike Kupp

Elaine Hawkins

David Turner

Sindy Hilton

Lynn Reitz

Kit Herring

Royal Linden

Joan Roth or Kathleen Freebody

Robert Niece

Gail Fisher

Steve Kasten

Toni Wade

Mrs. Tillston

Donna Chappell

Elaine Soucy

Susan Kupp

Georgeann Gillette

Tina Edmundson

Francine Cataldo

diAnne Tallman

Paula Roberts